Book Review on Demonic Possession on Trial

Sample book review on Demonic Possession on Trial: Demonic Possession on Trial by William W. Coventry was written based on the author’s thesis to earn his Master of Arts in History from the University of Vermont. The book’s purpose is to examine and explore certain witch-craft cases that took place before the Salem witch trials … Read More»

A Loss for Words Book Review

A Loss for Words is a book written by Lou Ann Walker that talks about things that deaf people go through in their normal everyday life. It is an autobiography about the author and narrates how the author’s experience of having deaf parents. The book is based in the modern society and seeks to express … Read More»

Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman

Question 1 Richard Feynman was a well renowned physician in his era and was known for his works relating to those of Albert Einstein. Richard could have accomplished more had he been more serious. One example is where it is stated that he dwelt more on the past rather than on more innovative ideas. Another … Read More»

“The Lovers” by Marguerite Duras

In this paper we are going to analyze, to try to look deeper or even may be to feel the main ideas, concerns, themes of the famous novel of Marguerite Duras “The Love”. In order to do this, we have to stop a little on the personality of the author, this is really important for … Read More»

Book Review on Who Moved My Cheese

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Who Moved My Cheese?” book by Spencer Johnson. Johnson does an excellent job of simplifying the complexities of the change process through the use of four fictional characters. I believe the author intentionally chose to use two mice and two “little people” in the parable about change. The mice, Sniff and … Read More»


Published in 1955, “Lolita” deals with the uncommon erotic predilections of the aging scholar Humbert Humbert, the book’s narrator-protagonist ( “About this Book”). It is a tragic comedy story of Humbert’s pedophilic obsession with the “nymphet” Dolores Haze whom he would rather call by the name Lolita.