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On this page you can have a look at our pricing system.

The price for completing your college assignment will be calculated according to several factors such as your academic level, the number of pages required and the deadline of the project. We don't pretend to have the lowest prices and sell the cheapest academic papers. We deliver to our customers solely high-quality services and provide lots of additional benefits, therefore, our pricing policy differs from that of other custom writing agencies. However, we prefer to apply the term ?reasonable? to our prices, as this is how much it takes to avail yourself of top-grade writing services. We firmly believe that buying cheap things is only for rich people, that?s why we assure our clients spend their money on something truly worthy and never regret it.

Prices per page (275 words, double-spaced) are listed in the table below

Deadline Academic Level
High School Undergraduate
(1st and 2nd year)
(3rd and 4th year)
Masters PhD
15 days + $20 $23 $26 $29 $35
10 days $21 $24
$27 $30 $37
7 days $22 $25 $28 $32 $38
5 days $23 $27 $29 $34 $43
3 days $25 $29 $31 $37 $47
2 days $26 $31 $33 $41 $52
24 hours $28 $34 $37 $47 $60
12 hours $30 $38 $44 $55 $65
6 hours $32 $41 $49 $58 $68
3 hours $34
$45 $53 $63 $73

You can find out how much you paper will cost by filling out the inquiry form below

Our discount system

One of the greatest advantages of our services is the system of life-time discounts for our regulars. You can get this type of discount after ordering a certain amount of pages from us. It will be generated accordingly:

  • 4%
    for having ordered the total combined number of more than 15 pages
  • 8%
    more than 50 pages
  • 15%
    more than 100 pages

As soon as you reach a particular amount of pages, a life-time discount will appear in your account and all the next orders will be calculated automatically including the discount.

We also give away one-time discount codes. You can get one of these if the total quantity of pages within one order is more than 20 pages. The more pages you order, the bigger is the discount.

Following one-time discounts can be applied:

  • 10%
    for an order with 20-50 pages
  • 15%
    for an order with more than 50 pages
  • You will also get 10% off for every 15 pages ordered within 30 days.

Additionally, there are a lot of discount codes we grant to our clients on special occasions, so follow our updates not to miss it. Remember, that you can use only one discount per order. This means you can?t add a one-time discount to your life-time discount, you will have to choose which discount you prefer to apply to a particular order.