Creative Writing on Inception and the Bechdel Test

Creative Writing on Inception and the Bechdel Test: The film industry has been accused of being gender biased, with most of the movies produced being dubbed as being distinctively misogynistic. Accordingly, critics such as Allison Bechdel, have identified a need for the creation of films whereby the female characters are not limited to the role … Read More»

Creative Writing on World Literature

Introduction It is in the 1660 that is referred to as the date of restoration. This is the period in which the republican experiment that was under Cromwell came to an end. It then gave the British a chance to reinstate the monarchy. On the other hand, restoration in the 18th century poetry in its … Read More»

Developing Coaching Skills for the Workplace

Creative Writing on Developing Coaching Skills for the Workplace: A coaching culture is an organizational progress model. It provides the structure that defines how the organization’s members can smoothly interact with their work atmosphere. It also encompasses how to achieve the best results from the coaching experience and apply it in the organization. Culture within … Read More»